Yeena Yoon


“I explore the idea of preciousness, leading me to use stones and materials in different, unexpected and less traditional ways. Fusing my background as an architect with my jewellery practice, my fine jewellery is dynamic and a true expression of self for those with a passion for art and design.” — Yeena Yoon


An emerging fine jewellery designer, Yeena Yoon is known for her innovative techniques, blurring the line between art and jewellery. Designing dynamic and versatile jewellery that can be taken apart and worn as individual pieces, or put together, nesting seamlessly to form a larger piece, Yeena Yoon approached Studio Luxmore to help define the brand.


Using a mix of precious and semi-precious materials, the objective was to communicate the modern luxury of the brand and to position it within the fine jewellery market. The client also wanted to manage their own social media, with advice about how to manage it internally. As part of this process, a key focus area for the client was developing confidence with the brand’s Tone of Voice.


Studio Luxmore created a bespoke Tone of Voice workshop for the client, with practical activities and guidance to define the Yeena Yoon voice and story. Studio Luxmore also prepared a Brand Strategy and Social Media Strategy for Yeena Yoon, as well as proofreading to assist the client develop confidence managing their own social media activities.


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