Williamson Carson & Whinney Insurance


“We approached Studio Luxmore originally because we wanted to grow our online enquiries from photographers. Since then they’ve helped in all sorts of ways. Initially they created a robust Brand Strategy for us which enabled us to evolve the brand, website and ensure our messaging is now more targeted. They’ve also created a Content Strategy for us, and overhauled our social media channels. Very recently they’ve driven the rebrand of our sister company and constructed a plan to bring the two brands together in a cohesive way, avoiding customer confusion and helping drive sales for both arms of the business.” Tom Williamson, Founder & CEO Williamson Carson


Independent insurance broker Williamson Carson was founded in 1986 by friends Tom Carson and John Williamson, with Matthew Whinney joining Tom as director when John retired. Determined to provide a more personal and positive experience to their clients, handling every insurance claim personally, they have become synonymous with the creative industries.  


Williamson Carson were known for their excellent customer service and products, but didn’t have a clear vision of their brand or who they were trying to reach. Their existing Visual Identity was outdated and didn’t communicate the values of their creative audience. They also had another brand, Whinney Insurance, specialising in the Finance, Technology and Media industries, with a completely different look that created customer confusion when seeing the brands side by side.

One of the biggest challenges has been ensuring all the client’s touchpoints communicate the brands effectively. The client also preferred to take small steps, so we prioritised the areas that would have the best return on investment. The other challenge was to update the website, with the client preferring to use their existing platform which placed limitations on the design and functionality.


Studio Luxmore worked with the client to develop a Brand Strategy to better communicate their brand. We commissioned a new Visual Identity, with new logos and colour palette to bring the two brands together. Reluctant to change website suppliers or change the design drastically, we have worked within the framework established by the client and updated their websites to better reflect the two brands and reach the different audiences. We continue to work with the client to improve their UX across digital and physical touchpoints, and to implement the SEO strategy to improve the reputation and authority of the websites.

Photography © Carl Lyttle


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