The story behind Studio Luxmore


The story behind Studio Luxmore

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We share how and why we started Studio Luxmore and why you should share your brand story too

When we first started Studio Luxmore we weren’t actually sure exactly what we would be. It took a little while to decide on the business model, what our services would be, what it would look like and to find our feet.

In the beginning there were four of us

Initially, there were four of us. Charlie with her background in marketing, Juneko in fashion buying and Louisa in strategy and project management… and Inka, Charlie’s youngest who was just a baby! 

Our passion

What drew us together was our passion to build a business of our own, with clients that we loved and hours that suited our lifestyles. We really didn’t want to be doing that commute anymore, rushing around and not enjoying our lives fully! Also, very specifically, having 20 days annual leave from work when the kids are off school for 13 weeks each year was a constant source of stress and that was before 2020 happened!

After a few months, Juneko decided to focus on her interior design practice but Studio Luxmore was born: a strategic marketing agency which we’re both so happy to be part of. We’re also so lucky to be able to call on Juneko’s expertise, either in fashion or interior design, whenever we need it.

We’re part of a community

We named Studio Luxmore after a little park between our houses, that we go to with our children. The way we approach our work is also founded in community. We work collaboratively with you, finding what works for your brand. 

What’s your brand story?

Every business should be sharing the story of how and why they started. What was the inspiration for your business? Knowing how to talk about your business can be difficult. If you need help sharing your story get in touch. We’ll help you find what you want to talk about.

Studio Luxmore is a strategic marketing agency helping small businesses and creatives with bespoke brand, marketing & content strategy and advice. With personal, hands-on advice and guidance, we’ll help you grow and get noticed.

Contact us or see our tips on how to Get Started Marketing Your Business.

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