Tadhg Muller


“It was dark by the time he started down the road, a suitcase once again by his side, a small satchel over his shoulder that contained a giant outdated laptop. He headed in the direction of a friend, a very old friend.” — A Visit, Tadhg Muller’s In Lieu of a Memoir


Tadhg Muller is an Australian writer, based in Western France. His writing has been published in Australia, UK, USA and India. In 2018 his first novel was published as part of the People’s Library, a contemporary Tasmanian art project. In November 2019, Muller’s novella In Lieu of a Memoir was published by emerging publishers Open Pen. Muller is currently writing his first novel.


The objective was to create a Brand Strategy for Muller, and  introduce his work to a wider audience and publishers. A key priority was to identify potential literary agents, publishers and independent book stores in the UK and Australia.


Studio Luxmore prepared a Brand Strategy for the client, providing advice on the client’s audience, brand story as well as publishing trends. The client was keen to have a better understanding of press and marketing opportunities. To guide them in communicating the brand, Studio Luxmore prepared details about effective marketing channels.

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