subject matter


“In 2019, after a little persuasion from Studio Luxmore and a few sessions to help plan out how I was to get started on the right track, subject matter was born. At its core was the desire to celebrate my extensive catalogue of photographic memoirs with the world, each collection with its own unique story just waiting to be told.” — Stephanie Tosniwal, subject matter 


Brand Story, Brand Values, Audience, Key Messages, Tone of Voice, Look & Feel, Design & Artwork Commission, Brand Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Press & Relationship Management


subject matter is a modern, luxury silk scarf brand, inspired by founder Stephanie Tosniwal’s love of architecture, travel and photography. A vibrant celebration of colour with tongue in cheek names, subject matter’s limited edition scarves capture the ephemeral nature of our streets. Studio Luxmore worked with subject matter to launch the brand in 2019.


The objective was to introduce and communicate the dynamic and modern nature of this luxury brand. The founder, a practicing architect, was keen to create a distinctive look & feel for the brand. A key priority was to define the brand, and provide social media guidance, with advice about how to manage it internally.


Studio Luxmore delivered a bespoke workshop for the client, providing advice on the client’s Brand Strategy and development of their visual identity. The client was keen to undertake their own press and social media activities. To guide them in communicating the brand, Studio Luxmore prepared a press release and social media strategy.


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