Sandesh Brown


“Working with Louisa and Charlie has been such an easy and eye opening experience. When I approached them I didn’t even know what I needed, just that I desperately needed help. With their gentle knowing and vast expertise, they have guided me through the unknown, educating me on strategies and approaches my business can adopt in order to grow, expand and flourish, it has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with them.” Sandesh Brown, Founder


Sandesh Brown is a new holistic therapy brand. Founded by practicing midwife, Sandesh Brown will launch in late 2020. Sandesh Brown provides a caring space for women who are struggling with the physical and emotional consequences of pregnancy, miscarriage and childbirth. Using a range of complementary therapies, such as EFT, Reiki or Rewind Therapy, Sandesh Brown works to improve patients’ health and emotional wellbeing.


The primary aim was to introduce the brand to potential clients, and to communicate how holistic therapies can complement modern medicine. The brand also wanted to have a strong social presence, with advice about how to manage it internally.


Studio Luxmore worked with the client to create a Brand Strategy, Social Media Strategy and talked her through how to create a realistic Marketing Action Plan that suited her requirements and schedule. To position the brand, we commissioned a graphic designer to create a new Visual Identity which the client would use across all her brand touchpoints. 

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