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Luxury candle brand AMEN is rethinking the way we consume

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“We refuse to use packaging that takes 500 years to decompose for a candle that only burns for 50 hours.” – Amen founder, Rodrigo Garcia Alvarez

There’s a lot of discussion around what sustainability is, and how we should be doing it. We’re not perfect, but we try to tread lightly. We’re really interested in what brands are doing to become more sustainable. Being sustainable doesn’t just mean the product. It includes everything, from cradle to grave.  

We recently spotted Amen, a sustainable luxury candle brand, who are using mycelium to create beautiful, sculptural packaging. Created in collaboration with biotechnology start-up Grown, they use mycelium (the vegetative part of a fungus which acts like a living glue) and agricultural waste to create a product that is both biodegradable and produced with a negative CO2 footprint. 

“We’re hoping to create a new perception of what luxury is. To quote my sustainability mentor Oskar Metsavaht, we want to bring together ethics and aesthetics,” said Alvarez. 

We also really like Grown’s process which also considers the second life of the packaging, becoming a bowl, a coaster or a vase, before eventually being composted.

Mycelium has also grown in popularity among designers and architects over the last few years. Used for packaging, lighting, furniture, clothing as well as temporary structures, we really like the sculptural look of the material.

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