Long Time Dead Productions


“The inspiration really came out of the first lockdown. We’re both actors and had a sudden period where no auditions were coming in, and nothing was on the horizon. The government’s Rethink. Reskill. Reboot. campaign directed towards the arts spurred us on more in October. No, our next job was not going to be in Cyber! We began focusing on bringing a short film to life.” — Katie Glaister


Long Time Dead Productions is a new production company, founded by actors and writers Katie Glaister and Sam Landon during the first wave of Covid-19. Affected by the sudden closure of the film and theatre industry, Long Time Dead Productions was created to provide opportunities and a platform for new talent and stories. Long Time Dead Productions approached Studio Luxmore to provide advice on the brand and how to promote the crowdfunding campaign.


When Long Time Dead Productions approached Studio Luxmore, they were in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign to help finance their first short film Being There. The objectives were to define the brand, and provide social media guidance, with advice about how to manage it internally.


Studio Luxmore delivered a bespoke workshop for the client, providing advice on the client’s Brand Strategy and development of their visual identity. To assist the client manage their own social media activities, Studio Luxmore developed a Social Media Strategy and provided hands on advice while they developed confidence.


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