Know your worth: A strong marketing strategy starts with your pricing

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“It took me a few seconds to draw it, but it took me 34 years to learn how to draw it in a few seconds.” – Paula Scher

It’s so important to value yourself and your time.  If you don’t, how will anyone else?

It sounds so easy, but it is actually really hard for lots of people and isn’t something that comes naturally. It can be particularly difficult for women, and especially women of colour, who also have higher rates of Imposter Syndrome with feelings of not feeling smart or qualified enough despite years of work.

Tell us about your pricing

When we start work with our clients we ask them about their pricing. One, so we can make sure their brand is aligned with their competitors, but also, and more importantly, so we can make sure that they’re making a profit: you can’t live off kudos alone!

You would be surprised how many of our clients don’t want to increase their prices! Even when it means that they will be operating on the same playing field as their competitors, and start to finally make some money. It can be a real mental hurdle, and we never underestimate the time and energy it can take to work through these feelings.

Charge for your expertise

One of the biggest reasons for not charging appropriately is confidence and mindset. Whatever your sector, you have spent years building up your knowledge and skills. 

For this reason, we don’t do free work. Free work isn’t valued in the same way as if someone has paid for it. Occasionally we will swap skills with another business but it has to make sense for us to do this.

We also charge appropriately for our experience. When someone is working with us, they are getting our many years of expertise: not just that moment.

Struggling with your pricing?

Have you struggled with your pricing in the past? Do you think it had anything to do with mindset? We’d love to know.

We understand that not everyone has a huge budget. We’re so passionate about making sure everyone can access good advice we offer one-off sessions or workshops so we can teach clients with limited budgets how to do it themselves. From creating a content strategy, social media management to how to get press. 

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Studio Luxmore is a strategic marketing agency helping small businesses and creatives with bespoke brand, marketing & content strategy and advice. With personal, hands-on advice and guidance, we’ll help you grow and get noticed.

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