Croydon Council


“Stories have a transformative power to allow us to see the world in a different way than we do if we just encounter it on our own. Stories are an entry point to understanding a different experience of the world.” — Clare Patey, Empathy Museum


In 2018, Croydon Council declared a climate emergency in the borough, with a goal of zero carbon emissions by 2030. As part of achieving this, Croydon Council received funding from Transport for London for their Liveable Neighbourhood Programme. Studio Luxmore was approached to help develop their Walking and Cycling Behaviour Change Strategy.


The objective was to communicate the joy, excitement, and the unexpected of Croydon, encouraging the community to rediscover their local area by walking and cycling. As behaviour change can take several years, particularly when it comes to changing travel habits, a key priority was to deliver engaging short-term activities, assisting with the consultation with the physical works.


Studio Luxmore prepared the Behaviour Change Programme and Brand Strategy, and coordinated a number of internal workshops with key decision makers. Studio Luxmore was also responsible for managing the design commissioning process. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, funding for the project was cancelled.

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