Raising Ravers: How rave culture inspired a new clothes brand with a difference

Raising Ravers: How rave culture inspired a new clothes brand with a difference

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Raising Ravers is a clothing brand with a difference. Celebrating a passion for music, art and family through vibrant clothes that draw inspiration from festivals and British rave culture. We caught up with Annie Taylor Laxa from Raising Ravers to ask about their journey, the values that underpin the brand and their sustainability credentials. 

How would you describe Raising Ravers?

Raising Ravers is a fun, festival-inspired clothing brand for the family that raves together. A love of music, art and family is at the heart of everything we do. We create non-gendered garments that kids and adults love, all handmade in London. 

What was your journey to setting up Raising Ravers? What inspired you to take the plunge and start your own brand?

My background is in fashion and costume. I always dreamed of having my own clothing brand, but it wasn’t until the birth of my daughter, in June 2017, that things started to take shape. I found it hard to find gender-neutral clothes for her that weren’t in dull colours or just a bit plain, so I started making them for her myself.

Fast-forward to July 2018, during a family trip to Lovebox festival. In a moment dancing with my partner, our daughter, my mum and siblings, I thought, “Wow – I’m raising a raver!” Just as my mum had done with me, making us three generations of ravers! That light bulb moment, plus a little refining, meant that Raising Ravers was born.

What are your main thoughts or inspiration when you’re designing or planning a collection or garment?

Does the garment provoke a reaction? The garments should be emotive, connect with people and create a talking point in the playground. The quality is equally as important. Yes, the pieces we make are great on the dancefloor, but can you wear them everyday too?

Who or what is your top design inspiration?

British rave culture is the most obvious inspiration. It’s iconic in the DNA of the UK fashion and music scene. I also love the nostalgia of 90s Hip Hop. Basically all my teenage years were spent making outfits from music videos to wear out clubbing, all in mad fabrics, bright colours and bold prints. Festivals provide the perfect stage for freedom of expression. You’ll always find playful elements of my Scottish culture in my designs, mixed with a heavy dose of London influence as it’s the city I love living in.

Why is it important to you that your collections are unisex? 

To put it simply: we make clothing for people, not genders. I think of gender as a spectrum and I view people’s clothing as a form of self-expression and creativity, so restricting it to Girls or Boys doesn’t make sense to me. Ultimately, if you love something and it makes you feel good, then go for it. 

How is sustainability important to Raising Ravers?

The environmental impact of the fashion industry is undeniable, so we have a responsibility wherever possible to make sustainable choices throughout the business. We’re particularly concerned with the socioeconomic impact of the garment-making industry and the women and children who are frequently exploited.

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