Love Triangle: Pizza with a purpose

Love Triangle: Pizza with a purpose

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We have huge love for the new pizza brand Love Triangle! Not only for their delicious food but also for their powerful brand concept and design. Born out of a response to Covid-19, with the hospitality industry so badly hit, this innovative brand made a negative into a positive creating an independent, well thought out food delivery business that gives back to the community. We chatted to Ben Mason from Love Triangle to find out about their journey so far and what’s next for them.

Your social enterprise credentials are really impressive, with a meal donated to a food bank for every pizza bought. Did you always have that in mind when you were dreaming up this business idea? Will you lead with that in your marketing, or focus on the food? What’s the thinking behind your decision? 

Yeah, it was part of the idea from day one. It was mid-March. Covid was a thing but we weren’t in lockdown yet. The opportunity of a restaurant with a pizza oven arose. And I was reading about food bank usage spiking. And I knew food delivery growth would accelerate during lockdown, and probably during the ensuing recession as well. So those three pieces of the puzzle just fell together. With the marketing we’ve been really clear to lead with the pizza, rather than the purpose. We’re really delicious pizza that happens to give a meal to a foodbank, rather than socially-good pizza. People come for the pizza; they stay for the purpose.

How important is your brand concept and design in the success of your business do you think? 

Long-term it’s hugely important. Pizza is a commoditised category. And brands work at scale. But you need a lot of pizza shops to justify the cost of creating and maintaining a good brand. Having said that, we’ve seen benefits already. The interior of the shop makes people want to come in, and want to instagram it. And the box design gets shared all the time. And people always share that the pizza is delicious but that we also give a meal to our local food bank. I think we’ve had more press and social coverage because of the brand concept and design.

You launched the business during lockdown. What measures did you have to have in place to start with? How are you coping with the ever changing government rules and guidelines?   

We designed the business for the strictest scenario, during lockdown one. We thought we’d open before restrictions were eased. So we were very focussed on delivery and collection. And we designed the whole process and interior to allow social distancing. We like to say that we were born safe. In fact it was flexing for eat-in that was harder for us. It’s a very different offering. It’s really hard to keep changing processes, and offering. But our team has been amazing at every step. They just turn up and make the best of what the news has thrown at us. Perhaps change is easier when you’re born into chaos. 

Do you or the other founders have backgrounds in marketing? Have you had to learn on the job or is this all within your comfort zone? 

Yes, two of the three of us have marketing backgrounds. I’ve been a strategist of various types, from digital to brand. And Tyson has experience in interior design, photography, events and social marketing. So we’ve got a broad skill set between us. Having said that, there’s been lots of learning on the job. E-commerce and email marketing are a big part of what we do, which has all been quite new. But I don’t think the principles are different, just the way they’re applied. Thankfully the third founder isn’t from a marketing background!

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