Exploring a passion for design with Art Director & Graphic Designer Lauren Webb

Exploring a passion for design with Art Director & Graphic Designer Lauren Webb

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Lauren Webb is a London art director and graphic designer. With a passion for design and a love for bespoke illustrations, we asked Lauren about her path into graphic design, the role of design in making great brands and her enthusiasm for interior design.

Can you tell us about you and your background?

My name is Lauren Webb, I’m a Londoner, art director and graphic designer. I studied at what was then called Norwich School of Art and Design. Since then I’ve worked at content marketing agencies Redwood and Sunday, and recently I’ve started to work with small businesses and creatives.

What initially got you into graphic design and art direction?

I’ve always been a very visual person and in a way it was a simple path to decide to follow that to University. Norwich was a great choice because I was able to explore various disciplines such branding, packaging and design for print. In our last year we had to create a book design based on our dissertation. That project got me an interview at Redwood after the then creative director saw my degree show.

You’ve worked for some large brands like Westfield and Royal Mail. What role does design play in creating a strong brand? 

I worked with these clients whilst working within agencies, through content creation. Often the client is keen to ensure their look and feel follows through to the design of their print, or digital media. It’s important to be sympathetic to that. You have to come up with your own design ideas but you also have to integrate their established brand identity. Be it via colour choices, typefaces or through your selection of illustrators or photographers. Creating good content reinforces brand loyalty which is so important in today’s environment.

What’s the best part of your job?

I love being able to commission bespoke illustrations. Working with an illustrator who you really admire and then seeing something produced that’s unique to your project. 

What’s your favourite part of your job?

My favourite part is when I can create something beautiful and satisfying and that the client is happy with. I love print, but it’s a slightly dying business these days. I think it’s  lovely to hold something physical that’s been created. 

Who or what is your biggest design inspiration?

This is a hard question for me to answer as I’m constantly looking at things and being inspired. I love the New York Times magazine. The way they use photography and type is so creative and clever. But I also love the Memphis design movement of the 80s. The pops of colour and bold shapes! Graphics trends as well as interiors are heavily drawing on this feel right now.

You’ve also got a passion for interior design and are in the process of renovating your home in Forest Hill. Do you have a favourite room and why?

I think my favourite room right now is my eldest daughter’s bedroom. We recently decorated it in pinks, greys, mustards and a little sage green. and I loved sourcing new things for it. I wanted to go for something that says ‘this is a girl’s room’ but without going too overboard which could date quickly. I really love interior design and I’m constantly looking at ways we can improve the house. It’s an old property so it’s a never ending process! 

What’s next for you?

I recently started up an Instagram profile for my house @victorianhouseforesthill. This was to have a record of achievement if you like, but also as a creative outlet for me in terms of styling the photos I post. I did a small branding job recently for a local business, so I’m seeking more of that, along with print work.

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